Calana LMS Features General Tools

Blended Learning
In blended learning you use real traditional classes mixed with online activity in an environment. This takes you to modify your traditional class, since a lot of your classic functions (i.e. providing materials, retrieving information / opinion from students…) are much better performed by the e-learning environment.

Real-time collaboration
In its simplest form, real-time collaboration consists of two or more people working together with the ability to share information and communicate in real-time. Including multiple viewpoints greatly helps inresource creation and the ability to edit simultaneously provides powerfulopportunities for group work both in and out of the classroom.

Knowledge Collaboration
The database activity module allows students to upload their notes or answersand access others’ after they have uploaded two of their own. This feature createsnotes or question database and a useful resource for both teaching and learning.Requiring students to upload two first ensures that they’re taking their own notesand doing their own work before turning to someone else’s.

Share and communicate, Instant messaging
In order for education to happen, communication is paramount. Through Calana, teachers communicate with their students via forums, live chat, andediting documents, through real-time collaboration. Chat allows teachers andstudents to communicate about a collaborative task, share ideas, share links, andin general work together on projects. Better yet, the live chats can be recordedand saved for future reference.

Mobile Learning
Mobile devices have become ubiquitous and offer many new possibilities for learning. Moodle, when combined with a mobile device, opens up a new world of possibilities to teachers, instructors, and training professionals to develop their courses. The learning experience can be hugely improved by playing to the strengths of mobile devices

Discussion forum
A communication tool for users to submit content for all to read and discuss.

Multilingual support
The Multi-language content filter enables resources to be created in multiple languages.

Viewing Assignment and Journal submissions, and adding Grades and comments, are done from a single page that displays all enrolled students.

Repositories enable users to upload files, access previously uploaded files and to easily bring content from external repositories, such as Flickr or Google Docs.

Activity tracking
If this feature is enabled, it is a helpful way for students to be able to track their progress in a course. The student has an easy to see checklist of what they have done so far.

SCORM and IMS Support
Sharable Content Object Reference Model is a collection of specifications that enable interoperability, accessibility and reusability of Web-based learning content.

Course Management
Resources are the primary tool for bringing content into a course;
Add plain text page
Add webpage
Uploaded files
Links to the websites
Display contents of directory
Deploy IMS Package
Insert a label

Task Chain
The TaskChain module allows several elearning “tasks” to be connected together into a “chain” which forms a single Moodle activity. The activity is accessed by clicking on a link on a Moodle course page.

Virtual Classroom
Schedule and launch live class sessions via virtual classroom tools

Online Model Exam
Exams with question bank. Design and implement quizzes consisting of a large variety of question types.

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